and I miss you so

I have a lot to include in this post, so I will just cover the more interesting things that happened over the past week.

My uncle’s (not related to me by blood) sister passed away about a week before CNY. Lung cancer, and she was only 40 ish, plus she doesnt smoke and is quite a health freak. The irony of life. And because my auntie (uncle’s wife, who’s related to me by blood) is especially susperstitious and “pan tang”, they’re not coming over for CNY reunion at my place tml night. There’s gonna be like 80+ people scuttling about my house tml, and A LOT of damn good food, okay tml is the best time to take pictures, I hope I remember.. REMIND ME! And btw Daddy ordered like an entire salmon fish, fresh from my fishmonger uncle, and we are gonna have SASHIMI! OMG, epitome of awesomeness (: BEAMS

Anyway, I’m gonna be damn obese. Speaking of which, I gained 1.5kg! and I then I lost 0.5kg, and omg now I’m so gonnna gain even more kilos, seriously I DIE. I have a morbid fear of being fat, no kidding ): I used to look like this:

And now, I look










Okay because this is a very depressing topic, I’m gonna move on and talk about my work experience. So, my apple promotion job officially came to an end on Sunday. It was a great experience because now I know how hard the ntuc staff are working everyday, and I’m more forgiving when some (I say some, I didn’t say all; and I’m not referring to any particular department, although I think the fruits/veg department totally rocks! 😀 In fact, just today, DoReMi even helped me choose a packet of lady’s fingers voluntarily cause I told her I dont know how and I’ll make do with any packet. Haha, but she said cannot, must choose the good one, so she chose for me <3) seem grouchy/ unhelpful sometimes when you ask for their assistance. But seriously, they work damn ass hard okay, I see them working nonstop from 7am-10pm during the CNY peak period!

Anw, while I was working at Nex, I made friends with a couple of 17 year olds, who were either cashiering or promoting drinks.. One of them just professed his love for me. After I told him he’s still a young boy and I’m too old, he said age is just a number that doesnt mean ath lol. And then he said I’m cute, hahaha. Seriously, I don’t think I’m cute at all! It feels damn weird when people tell me I’m cute! It feels as though I’m a soft toy o something lol. Another 19 year old asked his friend to ask me for my number and asked if I’m single. But that dude was too shy to even say hi to me lol. Anyhow, this is not a very good sign, I’m attracting young boys! For those of you who are adamant that I attract young boys because I’m childish, you must be beaming now lol. Good for you, I’m glad I brought a smile to your face (: But seriously, growing up too fast sucks too, no?


but yeah, I will try to grow up and act my age too la ok. chill.

And the second part-time job I tried out was waitressing at Carlton Hotel, Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant. Seriously, it’s damn tough to be a waitress. The dishes are SO DAMN heavy, both days, 4 hours each, I already had neck and shoulder aches; the next couple of days, my biceps were aching too. I can’t imagine working both shifts, 11am-3pm and 6-11pm, but for the CNY period, the rates are either $15.50 or $11 per hour, which is freaking awesome. Lunch/Dinner are provided for the respective shifts: 10-11am/ 5-6pm. But really requires alot of ahoulder and arm strength, of which I obviously lack -.- My next shift is on 4 feb, 6-11pm. I think I will wake up like after 12noon the following day LOL. I’m quite certain, I can already foresee.. haha

So on Monday and Tuesday, I met Fysh in the afternoon. He taught me a little of stats on Mon, and Tue I didn’t wana study anymore so we caught a movie at Nex, Okay, here’s the part you don’t wanna miss. Evidence of how evil Fysh is. He bought the movie tickets cause he was early, and I wasn’t sure which show he picked, he only told me its at 315pm.. Anyhow, we went into the cinema, and the Shaolin came on,

me “This show looks nice, I wana watch it, I like Chinese Battle films!’

fysh “Yeah, we’re watching this what, it’s started already..”

me “Huh really? I thought it was a trailer! *Laughs at myself* Omg awesome, I like this genre of movies! *excitedly*”

fysh “No lah, this IS the movie, we’re watching this movie, you didn’t know meh?”

me “No, I really thought it was a trailer! *embarrassed*”

And I proceeded to watch the “movie” attentively. In about 2 minutes, the “movie” ended and the next trailer followed! OMG IT WAS ONLY A SHAOLIN TRAILER! NOT THE MOVIE.


I swear I felt so stupid! It was the most bimbotic moment in my life. Usually, only my girlfriends are bimbo, and I get to laugh at them, but this time, Fysh really got me. Okay this wasn’t the first time, but it was the WORST! Terrible ):

Another example:

me “Eh so how much I owe you you ah, $17 right?” *hands Fysh $17*

fysh “17? 17 meh? why 17?”

me “10 for the battery and 7 for the movie, no?”

(obviously Fysh forgot he lied to me the previous night that the calculator battery he bought on my behalf was $10 instead of $2.50) -.- if he didn’t forget, it only means he was pretending to be ignorant lol..

fysh “heh, no la, you owe me 10 dollars only. the battery is only 2.50.. heh”

me “WALAO, seriously, you bluffed me again? -.- OMG. Im not gonna believe you anymore!”

Lessons learnt:

1. Either Men are liars, or Fysh is a liar

2. Either Men are superb liars, or Fysh is a seasoned liar

3. Be wary of Men, Especially Fysh!

HAHAHAHA. SEE, this is what your lies have got you into!


Anyway, tuesday night, or rather in the wee hours of CNY eve, at 130am, while I was lying in bed, trying to catch my beauty sleep, whenever I closed my eyes, all I could see or think of was Ah Gong. He passed away in August 2009, but while I was thinking of him, I thought he passed away in 2010, which means this will be the first CNY without him (although this is the 2nd CNY since he passed away). Anw, within 10 minutes, I started sobbing, and soon, I was crying hysterically (thank God I have a room to myself). I was crying pretty loudly I think, and I was slightly worried I will wake Mommy/Debby up (since they were sleeping on the same floor, and just across the hallway). But luckily I didnt, cause when I checked my watch it was already 230am, which means I’ve been crying for an hour lol (I almost thought I was mad). Anw, I was just freaking emotional and sad, I kept thinking of the usual seat he would sit in at the living room, how he would always switch on the radio quite loudly even though we were watching tv lol, and we would secretly pout but not do ath about it haha! And how I will always give him hello and goodbye hugs whenever I saw him and Ah Ma, anywhere,  be it at their place, at my place, or when we’re having dinner at some public place haha (it’s still my tradition with Ah Ma now “) I couldn’t stop crying, I tried a couple of times to calm down and go to sleep, but after stoppping for a min or two, I will burst into tears again.. I even had to open my cupboard to get a face towel cause I was using too much tissue paper lol..

Anw, I finally stopped after a good one hour and went to bed. And I think I’m gonna stop right here, because I’m tired and feeling slightly emotional again. Let’s not take any chances haha, I’m too tired to cry now lol. Alright Happy CNY all of you! (: I’m visiting J on Friday, for lunch!


Just a short one

I will make an effort to spice up my blog with pictures. Photologs? Haha okay that’s kinda hard considering I don’t bring cameras around fo photo taking, so we’ll have to settle with just a couple of picture shots 😉
Will blog about work at nex and Carlton hotel soon, btw thanks Fysh for coming down to nex to give me a headstart 🙂



the epitome of awesomeness. time passed rather quickly on Sunday, and part of me didnt want work to end 😦

Anyway, I went back today even though I didn’t have work. I went to pass Uncle Raymond Ketotop.. They are like Salonpas, only better, cause he fell down two days ago and hurt his tailbone, and omg, I know how bad it is cause I injured mine when I was 14. Plus it’s CNY period, he’s the team leader, so he can’t take leave, that poor man!

Anyway, I really like the people there! It’s by far the best working environment I’ve been in! I love all the people at the fruits/vegs department.. william, peng fei, do-re-mi, grapes auntie(lai hong/siew hong), the china girl who’s very funny, the pear promoter auntie, uncle raymond, uncle eric, and the roast meat section uncles. I’m so gonna miss them when this ends. Sian 😦

Anyway, on Sunday, this uncle came to me and said, “my two boys think you’re very sweet but they don’t dare to ask for your number”… and I went “Omg, are you serious?” really loudly cause I was so shocked. I was like some mad person chattering non-stop, alternating btwn english n mandarin n hokkein/teochew, asking people to sample my apples before they oxidise, lol. Anyway, then the uncle said, “So, can give or not? They think you’re very sweet..” The boys were like so embarrassed, haha, but I didn’t give la, I asked how old they are casually, and the dad said 16 and 20, so I said I prefer older boys haha! Then their dad said, “make friends la, can or not?” But the boys proceeded to drag him away lol..

Then another uncle walked past and I went “wana try italian apples? they are seasonal, very crunchy and sweet!” and he was like, “you asked me five times already” HAHAHA! Seriously I cannot rmb who i ask lah, I just ramble on continuously, and I’m damn generous with my samples hahaha, oops, I’ll give like kids 6-7 pieces, each piece is 1/16 of the apple (about fuji apple size) LOL, but it’s so nice to see them so happy when I give them more, afterall, they came and asked for me, how can I reject those puppy eyes 😛

anyway, back to that uncle I asked five times, he’s actually the supervisor of the cleaners from some cleaning company.. haha, apparently ive been asking him five times since friday LOL. He was like, “you dont remember me? you asked me to eat your apples on friday and saturday also” in mandarin, and I was like “SORRY! I can’t remember, I just ask everyone that passes by!” Haha, then he asked me if I was 15, cause I didn’t look old enough to work -.- I told him im 21 and he refused to believe me, haha. It so happened on Sunday, Mommy was doing her manicure at Nex, so she paid me a visit, and I asked her to testify my age to the uncle LOL

Anyway, I’m gonna do waitressing at Carlton Hotel tml with Ruth, Auntie Sandy is super cute. I haven’t even met her before (she is the one in charge of finding temps for the hotel), and we talked on the ph for like 50 odd minutes. She told me all the stories about the bad experiences she has had while recruiting temps, she’s damn amusing seriously. I think I have an auntie vibe, I like talking to aunties, they always have interesting things to share with me. I don’t like talking to ALL aunties though, only some..

Okay anyway, so Auntie Sandy kept asking me to work double shifts on Thursday cause she can’t find enough temps lol. That will be like 930am-11pm! I told her I will die, but she said I won’t die when I get my pay hahaha. I said I need to rest, and asked her if there are beds for me to nap, and she suggested I borrow the security’s makeshift bed lol, funny woman.. then she keep laughing and said she’s damn evil cause she’s asking me to work so much when she hasn’t even met me yet.. And she went on about her boss and some china girl who got her into trouble, and how she will not hire anymore china chinese hahaha..

I like people like that. I can’t stand serious working environments. Anyway, so I will work on tue and thurs morning shift for Auntie Sandy, then fri, sat and sun at Nex with my great ntuc colleagues! Sian, I really like working at Nex.. I asked Wayne to let me in on any available temp slots at Nex, whenever possible, esp the fruits section, hahaha, yeah I’m this crazy. I really like the people there 🙂

Okay I better go to bed now.

School > Work; Work = (x_x)

I think the distance and lack of contact has been rather comforting, because the other night, the re-connection almost spun me into a state of turmoil. It’s not like it’s a huge issue I guess, it’s just quite painful for me to realise that the bond I thought we shared can be reduced to nothingness so easily by you. I cannot figure your intentions, the way you tried to break me apart with your words, did you mean every word you have said? Or was it an attempt to keep me at bay? Why can’t we just strike a balance? It’s better than leaving things this way.

Work on friday was not too bad, 4 hours only.. I cut like 20 apples.. made a few auntie-friends.

Work today was tiring. Like seriously, I almost wanted to give up and just sleep because I was having a headache and my panadol extra barely worked a miracle. Anyway, I think I cut like 40 apple today. I’m so skilled at cutting apples now lol.. But other than the fact that I was tired, I like this job. My tiredness is largely my own fault because I slept at 230am last night and I barely had enough sleep.. I woke up at 8am. I’m pretty sure I would have felt better if I had 8 hours of sleep haha

I made like a lot of new friends at work, which I am horribly thankful for. I hate working in places with minimal social interaction, because communication keeps me going. Like today, if not for talking to the aunties and the uncles and the small boys, I really wouldn’t have been able to last till 6pm. I started at 10am by the way. Every 20 mins I have to run into the store to cut 3-4 apples. I cannot cut more than 3 or 4, because they will oxidise, and I cannot soak them in salt water because it will alter the sweetness of the apples. On top of that, for every apple I cut, I must try to make sure they taste sweet and crunchy before I can serve them as samples.. Imagine how many apples I ate -.-

Seriously, working is damn tiring, studying is so much better. I can take power naps whenever I need. But when I’m working, I just have to suck it up, cut apples, taste apples, serve apples and talk non-stop about apples.. But okay, I admit I enjoy talking to the aunties and uncles when they say the apples are damn nice/sweet/crunchy, and they want more samples, or when they complain it’s damn ex to buy $1 apples, and I’ll tell them jokingly that it’s okay to eat $1 apples only twice a year, cause’ it’ll only be 2 bucks. They always laugh at that 🙂 I do have a sense of humour!

But it’s quite annoying when customers keep complaining the apples on display are not in good condition. I agree alot of them aren’t in tip top condition, but they made it seem as if it’s my fault 😦 I kept asking the ntuc boy/uncle to help me replenish the stocks on display, but a lot of the new stocks are also not in great condition due to shipping/rough handling. For the nice people who tell me nicely that they wana buy the apples but cannot find good ones, I’ll offer to run to the store and get them nice ones from there, and they will be so damn happy lol. Be nice, and nice apples will beckon you 😛

Then there were cute kids who would eat like 6 samples from me because they like the apples that much, how adorable 🙂 Oh and yesterday, this korean dude and his friend came from behind me and asked to try the samples. After sampling, he picked up one apple and attempted to perform his little magic trick by making the apple disappear. But he failed cause the apple was too big to hide with his hand. I was damn confused cause I didn’t know what he was doing, so I went “huh?”, and he tried and failed a second time, and I went “huh? i dont understand..” so he darted off to grab a plum and showed me the pulled the real magic trick, lol. I went “Ahhh…” and his friend laughed at him haha. It’s quite funny. I don’t usually find korean/japanese guys cute, but he was pretty good-looking, he had the pretty boy look, although he was damn fair. Am I the only weird one who finds that fair-skinned pretty boys give off a feminine vibe? I need a real man. Hahaha.

Oh, and I bumped into Mr Raynard Heah and his wife today. And omg, they had a baby! I just met them like in Jan 2010 lah, so fast make baby already. Lol, okay I just made human reproduction sound like baking a chocolate chip cookie.. hahaha. But… I don’t know if it’s a baby girl or boy, it was rather uni-sex looking, and I didnt dare to ask/refer to it as a he or she, so I just went, “Is that your baby? Omg so cute!” Hahaha, it’s politically right to say that, I didn’t even have to think, it just wriggled out from my lips voluntarily.. Most of the time I really mean it, only a handful others, I look back and realise I didn’t quite mean it heh. But his baby is of average cute-ness la, so no problem. Hmm.. baby Heah didnt look like either of his/her parents though. shrugs

Anyway, J’s just left for Japan, he called to say bye amongst other rubbish haha… like making sure he will be missed. Okay, this is only like a week though.. I think I will really feel the difference when he leaves to study in UK this september 😦 Having J is like having a gay best friend, except he’s not gay.. if you know what I mean.

and we shall go to Science Centre’s CSI exhibition when he returns 🙂

Actually, I planned to blog about my fear of lizards but my inspiration has dissipated after three days lol.

And after working from 10am to 6pm today, I am half-dead due to lack of sleep. With that said, I am going to sleep now.



I’m about to taste freedom.

Haha, so I’ve found a wkend job promoting Ambrosia apples for two weeks! It’s not bad! I can earn like $250 minimum in 6 days! Friday 4 hrs, Sat and Sun 7 hours each.. But it’s not enough though, I need to find another job at least..

Oh anyway! I’m soo happy! My Ted Baker Bowchic Patent Bag is covered by my Aunt! 🙂 Yay-ness! Oh btw, it’s $95 at Ngee Ann, Taka because apparently there is tax and shipping incurred.. Anyhow, I’m damn happy!

Yesterday I went for this other job interview with Premium Pure, I think I freaking got cheated, I asked if it was commission-based over the phone and that girl told me it’s not, it’s assignment based.. The way she said it is as if they are different -.- I rushed down after the apple-promotion briefing ended and blahblah, they told me how you can make a lot even when you’re studying by selling their products, recruiting people and all that nonsense. I hate doing sales, I don’t mind tending a shop but I really don’t like promoting products I don’t use.. It’s like I don’t know, I feel very irritating haha.. And it just sucks la, like selling some rubbish metallic bracelet that helps to lower your cholesterol or something. Like seriously, I don’t want. Anw, guess what, in the end the girl who tried to recruit me was like 18!? WTH. she looked like she’s 14 okay.. After the senior consultant tried persuading me but I rejected and was about to leave, that girl came up to me and asked me how it went.. because if I joined she would get commission from my sales duh.. Anyway, I was damn direct, haha, cause I was a bit pissed. If I knew it was commission based without a clientele base, I wouldn’t have bothered to waste my time heading down! Waste my time.

Okay so she came to me and asked “Hi Hazel, Im Michelle, so how was it?”

I was like “What, omg you’re so young! Uh, I don’t think I’m taking this job cause’ I don’t exactly enjoy promoting stuff I don’t use to people.. Anyway, you told me it’s not commission-based! How can you bluff me! I feel damn cheated…”

Hahaha, yeah but I really felt abit angry la.. Then she said sorry like 4 times cause she’s so skinny she’s probably worried I’ll wack her for lying to me or something.. Haha, but yeah ohwell.. At least I managed to buy a pair of bandage skirt at Bugis Street after that! Heh! The same piece is going for at least $26 online, and I got it at $15! Yay.. I bargained with Auntie from $18 haha.. It’s slightly loose at the bottom but I can just stitch it up a little..

Then I went to AnBC and got Lydia her Japanese 2011 diary! I got one for her last year and she asked for one this year, so yeah I bought it.. It’s damn ex! Like SGD 20 odd for a tiny book, haha but damn cute la, I love such things. The designs were super limited because it’s January afterall, and the one I actually saw in November was gone! Sad! Anyway I got one for her and one for me.. And a more expensive one for Mommy cause it’s paperbrand.. the designer brand apparently.. like 35 bucks for 1/4 A4 size..

Last year I got her the same brand and she loved it, so this year I decided to do the same.. I think I’ll get it for her every year.. I like how she brings it everywhere she goes 🙂 Makes me feel happy. And anyway, I will buy one for myself every year too, it makes me damn happy when I have a nice small yet pretty and spacious scheldue.. Ask me and I’ll show it to you! 🙂 Gladly!

So, that sums up my week.. I think my apples-promotion job is damn slack, and I’m doing it alone.. just cut the apples, bring them out, let people sample, say nice things about the apples then I’m done. But really, the apples are super nice although abit steep.. it’s $1.95 for two apples.. like twice the price of normal apples! But I tried it yesterday and it’s seriously damn crunchy and sweet. After sampling, I kept thinking of buying it but too bad I didnt pass by any ntuc haha..

Anyway I think the servers at coffeeshops mixed rice stalls (usually 20+ guys who speak chinese and have orange hair) are quite inappropriate.. they always try to chat you up when you’re dressed abit pretty. Last night I bought a packet of veg from the stall and later went to the adjacent stall to buy fried oyster.. I was talking to the auntie while she cooked my order for like 15 mins, she’s very cute.. When I was about to leave, I said bye to the auntie and omg, the 4 dudes from the mixed rice stall went “Bye bye.. Bye bye” in unison so loudly in the coffee shop, I was so embarrassed when other patrons started staring at me.. Seriously. I was super embarrassed.

Okay I’m hungry, gonna eat somethings. ta!


A couple of friends have started asking me what I want for my 21st! And really, the number 1 thing on my list is a car! Haha, but because I have to be realistic, I think I’m gonna have to let that go lol.. It’s far-fetched luh huh, ohwell..

The thing is, I rather get just one big present from everyone combined that I actually like/want, rather than 50 small gifts that I won’t use or need, you get what I mean? Anyway, I really like this bag from Moschino, but it’s quite expensive, but I want my first branded bag.. I don’t ever buy bags that are like exorbitant, or designer bags for that matter.. My most expensive bag is like SGD$60? That’s the grey shoulder bag that I use almost all the time. Okay I admit I’m fussy, I want a nice bag with a good size, not a tiny one that can barely fit anything, or a huge ass one that’s way too big, lol

This is the Moschino one, Mommy, if you’re reading this.. buy me a car, if not this will do just as well.. Heh.

Oh and I really like this Ted Baker Patent Bag as well, it’s way cheaper, I can’t wait till my 21st for it, I wana have it like ASAP. It’s gonna hold my school notes nicely! And the best part is the handle is big enough to sling it over my shoulder. I can’t stand those bag with tiny handles, it’s so hard to carry then on your arm, especially when it’s heavy.

This is nice right!! 😀 it’s only 70+ SGD! Affordable! Unless you wana tell me now that you’ve decided to get me this for my 21st before the actual day, I’m not gonna wait heh.. But it’s seriously a good deal! Okay excited much. There is also a Ted Baker wallet I kinda like. It’s the Sonita High shine Purse in Green.. That one is nice too, but I dont know how big it is though, I don’t like big bulky or long wallets.. I like small squarish ones, but okay I know I’m fussy-shit, but I like it when there is a compartment for coins, at least 6 card slots, and a compartment to hold my dollar notes.. Hahaha, okay la, I’m very auntie, but I’m entitled to my personal preference.

Oh you can get me makeup too, heh, ask me if you intend to 🙂 I like makeup, but not random makeup.. Bobby Brown concealer, I’m using up mine.. Err, Mac lipstick, ask me for the colour, I need to check..

Alternatively, buy me Iphone 4 hahahaha! My iphone 3 is not very responsive sometimes 😦 Or like I’ve said, get me vouchers! Like Taka/Isetan/Capital Land/Topshop/Zara/River Island/MDS vouchers! Just not vouchers for sport apparels haha.. Vouchers, they are awesome 🙂

Anyway, if I’m gonna have my party, I wana have lotsa helium balloons, it’s like my secret fantasy, who doesn’t like helium balloons? I know I do! haha..

Thank you in advance 🙂 Must ask my auntie to read this lol, or she’ll get me another blouse I won’t wear, as usual -.- like seriously, don’t waste money!

Okay anyway, I really need a job, any lobangs?

The serpent and the fruit

Im pretty amazed by how people can turn the tables and make you seem like the antagonist all of a sudden. It’s hilarious how I always let such things happen to me when I waver and actually consider the odds.. But I guess I was attracted by the whole concept of it but not it itself, it was like a forbidden fruit and the forbidden fruit is always tempting, albeit sinful. But my God, my good God, He saved me from that one. I knew the consequences; I knew it wasn’t good for me, but I liked the idea of mystery, I wanted to have a taste of the dangerous. My fingers got a little burned, and to be honest it didn’t feel good; yet I’m thankful I’m a whole, not one fragment was lost. I guess this was what I needed, a little thrill, a little adventure, but I’ve learnt that things I know aren’t good for me, I really should avoid regardless of how tempting the mystery of it may be. The entity itself is shrouded by forebode, but it was nonetheless intriguing. My ears were soft, my heart was curious, and like Eve I found the serpent’s words alluring, but thankfully God’d hand was upon me.

Attended Jason’s 21st and had fun meeting up with 03 again! 🙂 I was totally addicted to the “butterfly” brand nuts, they are nice leh.. and the Ruben chocolates! haha. Anyway I’m glad you like your new starcraft Jason! Haha, Jason’s mom, Peggy (how cute is that, peggy, lol) was really sweet! She actually planned the surprise 21st party for him! Man, melts, my mom is clueless when it comes to such things, I vaguely remember the one and only bday party I had when I was 4 or 5, I only remembered the minnie mouse birthday cake cause I’ve seen it in some real old pictures haha.

Laine gave me a ride to Jason’s place which is so damn far! He lives like in bukit batok -.- Laine is super cute when she drives. She’s all stressed up, like I am when I drive haha. She’ll start talking to herself and go “not funny.. not funny..” lol! It’s DAMN funny. Anyway thanks Laine! for the ride to and fro! <3! I wish I had a car to drive, or someone to drive me around is equally good hee!

And so, my plan for the trimester break is to:

1. Find work to get more monies.

2. Prawning/Fishing

3. Night Safari

4. Watch the night sky/stars

5. Swimming

6. Sunbathing haha.. maybe

7. Cycling

8. Watch movies

9. Make earrings for myself!

10. Visit friends’ for CNY, if not cny is damn boring every year from the second day onwards 😦 Invite me!

11. Pack my room

12. Dye my hair

13. Shopping!

14. Omg i wana go to the Universal Studios, but this can wait until the coaster is ready 🙂

Sounds ambitious right? Haha, we’ll see how many of those I can actually complete.

oh and by the way, friends don’t say the kind of things you say.

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